Get That Bike Loan is proudly associated with Mono Moto & SOL Invictus Motorcycles Along with a New quality SOL Invictus motorcycle, we can also finance your licence, helmet & riding apparel – A complete “Turn Key “ Package   Sol Invictus (Victorious Sun) is an Australian motorcycle lifestyle brand that celebrates the journey on two wheels. Our roots are authentic and our philosophy is simple – Love the journey.   Since the introduction of the original Mercury 250 Cafe Racer in 2014, we have introduced thousands of Australians to the joys of motorcycling through our LAMS Approved range. We now manufacture three models ranging from the second generation Mercury 250 Mk2, to the hugely successful 400cc models – the Nemesis 400 Scrambler and the Apollo 400 Cafe Racer.   The driving philosophy for our production models is to create modern incarnations of ‘golden age’ of motorcycles – fusing vintage cafe racer and scrambler styling [...]

Interest Rates Explained – In Simple Terms !!

People always ask me, “so what are your rates”?

The Number 1 Question – What is your Interest Rate ?

Listed below is a simple & quick run-down on interest rates when it comes to purchasing your next vehicle.
People always ask me, “so what are your rates”? My bank/finance company told me on the phone that I will get 4.25% !!
Some companies advertise rates which are often quite far removed from what they can actually offer.
We have two main variable factors and when those two factors intersect that gives us the rate. The first variable is the Asset Class and the second is the Client Profile so let’s have a brief look at each.

ASSET CLASS – This means the quality of the asset, the speed of which the lender is able to get out of the asset if [...]

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