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Advice on Buying A Motorcycle 

Seven things you are rarely ever told when buying a motorcycle!

Advice on Buying A Motorcycle 
Seven things you are rarely ever told when buying a motorcycle!

(1) A motorcycle is a personal piece of equipment that has to be tailored to the riders size, skill levels and what he plans to use it for. Many salesman, mainly through not having the knowledge and experience with motorcycles, do not properly qualify a customer to ensure that he is getting the right bike for the intended purpose.

This can result in not enjoying the motorcycle for the experience it was intended, and in some cases could even cause injury. The team at Dalby Moto are that confident that we will sell you the right bike, that we have a  “Guarantee to exchange a bike for another within 72 hours if you are not happy with the decision we have helped you to come to.”

(2) Motorcycles are a well crafted piece of equipment straight from the factory, but they cannot be handcrafted for every person, from our experience we have found that all motorcycles and riders benefit from a series of personal motorcycle set up procedures, so that the bike works to its full ability in your hands.
Examples are, if you are tall rider the bikes ergonomics can be changed so you’re more comfortable on the bike which then limits fatigue, or with some models different gearing ratios can mean that power is more usable and the bike will more effortlessly handle a wider range of trails and transport sections. “This is why we will ask you all sorts of questions like your height, your weight and what are you going to use it for.”

(3) Because of Australian Design Rules ( ADR), registered motorcycles  have all sorts of non-performance enhancing modifications performed to them so that they comply with Australian noise and power legalities. These modifications greatly affect the performance of the motorcycle.
Some retailers perform a portion of the changes required to put the bike back to the level it was designed to perform at. Dalby Moto prepared bikes for resale to you, have the same attention to detail put into them as the modifications we do to our own.

(4) If you are purchasing a motorcycle on finance you need to be aware that you should “try” and finance the bike for the minimum period that your financial situation will allow, if you automatically allow the dealer to finance the bike over five years you may still owe too much money on the bike when you trade it in two or three years time. Understand that most people like to change their bikes over every 2 to 3 years.

(5) When buying an off-road motorcycle you need to know where to ride your bike, Dalby Moto has specialised in promoting a healthy Trail Ride Series, and can supply you with the ongoing information to help you keep riding legally with your family and friends for years to come. This information is supplied by regular e-mail updates to you before every ride and on our website.
(6)We at Dalby Moto realise that not everyone is a qualified technician, so we really try to impress upon you the need to apply the service schedule that is applicable to the motorcycle you are buying. The life and reliability of your new purchase depends upon it,” if you follow this schedule, you will save money.”

(7) The products we sell at Dalby Moto are products we use ourselves, basically, if the product is crap, we won’t stock it. We also monitor our pricing to be as competitive as the industry will allow, while at the same time trying to remain profitable so we can provide good staff to give you good service.

** Article courtesy of Dalby Moto
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